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The following is an edit from the Document entitled
Ottawa Valley ASHRAE Chapter "50 Years of History"
compiled by Frank Bann et al., June 2000

The first meeting of the 1955-56 season was held on October 18th 1955 at the New Prescott Hotel with the Chapter President E. Schoenherr presiding. The committee Chairmen for the year were announced as follows:

Finance - C. Watson
Membership - I. Goodman
Attendance - C. Shock
Publicity - J. Klassen
Entertainment - J. McCaughey
Legislation - N. Howes

The annual golf tournament, which for the last two years had been held, at the invitation of and in conjunction with the Montreal Chapter, at Lachute in Quebec, might be moved. It was stated that the Montreal Chapter may be changing the location to a Golf Club on the outskirts of Montreal and if such was the case, the Ottawa Chapter would take steps to hold their own tournament at a local club. The C.A. Dunham Trophy, for Annual competition at the Chapter Golf Tournament was presented to the chapter and accepted by the president. The name and year of the winner would be inscribed each year. The Trophy was then presented to the winner Allan Grey.

J. Klassen suggested an educational program be setup within the local chapter to help local trade schools and institutions. The topic was discussed at great length. W. Robinson pointed out that this Society should be the leader in education in the Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning field. The president then read an article based on misleading claims in connection with modern Air-Conditioning appearing in newspapers and magazines. It stressed that the average person is highly ignorant of the newest innovations in the field of comfort within buildings. The president concluded by stating that members of the A.S.H.& A.E. are the logical outlet in educating the public in the true meaning and function of Air-Conditioning.

The speaker for the evening program was Mr. Lentz, head of the research section of the division of applied biology, National Research Council, Ottawa, and his topic was "The refrigeration of food and food storage and freezing as applied to refrigerated railway cars".

At the November meeting the alternate delegate for the Chapters Conference, D. Banton, was announced. The speaker for the evening was Mr. E.W. Duncan, sales manager commercial division of the Minneapolis-Honeywell regulator company of Toronto. His topic was "Electronic controls as applied to air-conditioning".

At the January meeting, Mr. John Fox of Toronto, Canadian Representative, member council, extended greetings to the chapter in his annual message. His report dealt with the by-law changes affecting the regional organization of the society. Canada would become Zone 7 and each zone would be represented by a regional director.

The first regional Canadian meeting of the Canadian Chapters would be held in Toronto, Canada on April 9th 1956. At this meeting the Canadian representative to represent Zone 7 would be elected. There had been some doubt as to whether the British Columbia Chapter would stay with the Canadian Zone 7, which included Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg in the west. The program for the evening was the Chapter's annual open discussion night, the topic 'Specifications'. The chapter was honored by the presence of Mr. C.R.O. Munro, an honor graduate of the University of Toronto, practice law in Vancouver. He served during the war as a merchant marine and was now with the department of Justice.

At the February meeting it was announced that the Ottawa Chapter would hold its own Annual Golf Tournament in Ottawa. Mr. D. Banton reported on the 62nd annual Meeting of the Society in Cincinnati, Ohio. The by-laws would have to be updated to reflect changes in membership grades and the regional committee. Society research expenditures for 1955 were $205,000; a total of 10,200 Society members. The guest speaker for the evening was Mr. John Coats, Sales Manager of Sarco, Canada Ltd., Toronto. His subject was 'Steam Trapping'.

During the March meeting it was decided that the Chapter would accept a Montréal invitation to the Lachute Golf Tournament in addition to the First annual Ottawa Chapter Golf Tournament. The speaker for the evening program was postponed.

At the April meeting it was reported that a few other meeting locations, Chateau Laurier and The Whitehill Glades were investigated as possible alternates to the Prescott Hotel. However they both ended up being more expensive with less room and parking troubles. The Guest speaker for the evening program was Mr. Frank O'Neil, special production application engineer of Trane Co. of Canada. His subject was 'Fans and Coils as applied to Ventilation'.

The final meeting of the Chapter for the 1955-56 season was held on May 15th at the Prescott Hotel. The secretary read the letter of appreciation received from Dr. J. Willis, Indian and Northern Health Services, Dept. of National Health and Welfare, for the gifts of toys sent to Moose Factory Indian Hospital. The report on the first all Canadian chapters regional meeting held in Toronto was issued. One important result from this report was that next year's meeting would be held in Ottawa. The new board was elected into office as follows:

President - D. Banton
Vice-President -C.Watson
Secretary - J. Klassen
Treasurer - A.H. Hargreaves
Board of Governors -A.Gray, A.L. Lawson, & G.A.Wild

President E. Schoenherr then handed over the gavel to incoming president Mr. D. Banton. The new president on behalf of the Chapter presented Mr. E. Schoenherr with an engraved silver tray in appreciation of his high standards and chapter activity.



Key Dollar Value in this period

prime minister
Prime Minister
Louis St. Laurent
dollar coin
1 dollar CDN
1.01 dollar U.S.
governor general
Governor General
Vincent Massey



Key Events in this period

The Canadian National Railway yards moved to Walkley Road
The National Film Board moved from Ottawa to Montreal
NHL announce a role change. Players receiving minor penalties will return to the ice as soon as the opponents score a goal. Previously, teams spent the full two minutes shorthanded. The change is due to the potent Montreal Canadians' power play!
Montreal Canadians win the Stanley Cup
March 31 Detroit 4 Montreal 6 
April 3 Detroit 1 Montreal 5 
April 5 Montreal 1 Detroit 3 
April 8 Montreal 3 Detroit 0 
April 10 Detroit 1 Montreal 3