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The following is an edit from the Document entitled
Ottawa Valley ASHRAE Chapter "50 Years of History"
compiled by Frank Bann et al., June 2000

Chapter Meeting minutes are missing for this year, therefore the following is extracted from Harry Atkinson's BOG Meeting minutes and is assumed to be correct:

The Chapter Meetings continued at the Cathay House through this Chapter year.

The October meeting topic was "Refrigeration", presented by local Ottawa contractors.

January's meeting topic was "Computer Use in the HVAC Industry", presented by Dr. Stevenson of NRC.

The February meeting consisted of a panel of experts from the filter industry, and a main speaker was C. Jones from Los Angeles.

The March meeting speaker was a representative from the Provincial Government, who spoke on "Air Pollution".

At May’s meeting the following slate of Officers were elected in by the members:
President - Peter MacGowan
Vice-President - Harry Atkinson
Secretary - Lorne Wilson
Treasurer - Rudy Jetzelsperger
Board of Governors - Lloyd Westgate, Ted Digel, Ray Young, John Stewart, George Carscallen

President Dave Minshall turned over his office to the incoming president Peter MacGowan and thanked the executive for their assistance during the past year.



Key Dollar Value in this period

prime minister
Prime Minister
Pierre Trudeau
dollar coin
1 dollar CDN
0.99 dollar U.S.
governor general
Governor General
Roland Michener



Key Events in this period

The Soviets launch Venera 7, the first space probe to transmit data from Venus’ surface
Trudeau deals with the FLQ during the "October Crisis"
A large wind tunnel constructed at Uplands for the National Aeronautical Establishment
Ken Dryden made his NHL debut in mid-season 1971 for the Canadiens, and became the backbone of six Stanley Cup winning teams 1971, 1973, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979. During that first playoff season, Dryden won the Conn Smythe Trophy, 1971, as the playoffs' most valuable player.
Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup
May 4 Montreal 1 Chicago 2 OT
May 6 Montreal 3 Chicago 5 
May 9 Chicago 2 Montreal 4 
May 11 Chicago 2 Montreal 5 
May 13 Montreal 0 Chicago 2 
May 16 Chicago 3 Montreal 4 
May 18 Montreal 3 Chicago 2