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The following is an edit from the Document entitled
Ottawa Valley ASHRAE Chapter "50 Years of History"
compiled by Frank Bann et al., June 2000

The Chapter Meetings continued at the Cathay House through this Chapter year.

Past President Roy Beckman's Chapter Meeting Minutes are short and sweet:

In October the guest speaker was D. Henning, Senior Research Architect at Public Works Canada, and his topic was "The Importance of Barrier Free Design".

At the November meeting, a panel discussion on "The Use of Computers in Our Industry" was chaired by John Beckolay. J. McAninch, Ted Daigle, and T. Patry spoke on use of computers by mechanical contractors, suppliers, and for energy conservation respectively.

January's topic was "Weather and Related Issues" with speakers Nick Nickerson and Ray Boucher.

February's topic was "Health and Safety Aspects of Noise and Vibration" with speaker Bob Permberton of Bruel & Kjaer Canada Ltd.

At the March meeting, Rick Quirouette of the National Research Council outlined energy saving features incorporated into four housing units near Orleans.

April's program was "Fire Protection for High Rise Buildings" with speakers Cassie Kelly of Factory Mutual Engineering, and Stu Hornby of Public Works Canada.

May's meeting topic is not listed in the minutes. Mike Acton turned over the gavel to Ray Young, and Past President Bob McKee presented Mike with the Past Presidents Pin.



Key Dollar Value in this period

prime minister
Prime Minister
Joe Clark
dollar coin
1 dollar CDN
0.86 dollar U.S.
governor general
Governor General
Edward Schreyer



Key Events in this period

John Diefenbaker dies in his study, a month before his 84th birthday. He lies in state in the Hall of Honour in Parliament for two and a half days; 10,000 Canadians pass by his casket
Gilles Villeneuve wins the United States Grand Prix
Steve Podborski wins the Bronze medal for downhill skiing at the 1980 Winter Olypics in Lake Placid.
Terry Fox's marathon begins, when he dipped his right leg in the Atlantic Ocean near St. John's, Newfoundland, and filled two large bottles with ocean water. He intended to keep one as a souvenir and pour the other into the Pacific Ocean upon completing his journey at Victoria, British Columbia.
New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup
May 13 New York 4 Philadelphia 3 OT May 15 New York 3 Philadelphia 8
May 17 Philadelphia 2 New York 6
May 19 Philadelphia 2 New York 5
May 22 New York 3 Philadelphia 6
May 24 Philadelphia 4 New York 5 OT