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The following is an edit from the Document entitled
Ottawa Valley ASHRAE Chapter "50 Years of History"
compiled by Frank Bann et al., June 2000

The Chapter Meetings continued at the Cathay House through this Chapter year.

The meeting minutes are missing for this year but the newsletters are intact and afford the following:

Glen Kealey, President of Micot Matrix Inc., presented at the September meeting on "Micot - The Intelligent Building", located in Hull (now Gatineau). A pictorial review of Man's Environment to the year 2000. A model of the Micot project was on display.

October's meeting topic was "Stall and Anti-Stall Devices for Axial Flow Fans", presented by Danny McKinnon, VP and Chief Engineer of Sheldons Engineering.

"Energy Recovery Using Thermal Wheels and Other Systems" was an interesting topic for the November meeting, presented by guest speaker Jim Potter, Manager Canadian OPerations, Wing Co. I expect that with a name like Potter, this was an excellent speech.

January's topic had a bias towards law with topic "Respective Responsibility for Designers & Contractors for Building Defects". The guest speaker was D. Rasmussen, Partner Hewitt, Hewitt, Nesbitt & Reid.

In February the topic was "Twenitieth Century Diseases and Why They will Affect Building Design". Speaker was Bruce Small of Smal & Asoc., preceded by an introductiory presentation by Linda Brooks, President of Human Ecology Foundation of Canada. Of note is the following capitalized message in the newsletter: "DUE TO THE POSSIBILITY OF A SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTION AND AS A COURTESY TO OUR SPEAKERS THE MEMBERSIP IS REQUESTED TO REFRAIN FROM SMOKING AT THIS MEETING." This brings two things to mind: allergic reactions were becoming the norm back in 1986; and people were still smoking everywhere they went!

The March meeting topic was "Water Treatment Technology" and presnted by Paul Lambie, National Sales Manager, Specialty Chemicals Ltd.

April's meeting is significant - the expected attendance caused the meeting to be located at Phileas Fogg, Metropolitan House - basically across the road from the Cathay House. The speaker was Jean Pigott, Chairman of the National Capital Commission, and her topic was "The Role of the National Capital Commission in the Development of the National Capital".

May's meeting topic was "Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems for the Construction Industry" with speaker Kalev Ruberg of IRC National Research Council. HELP-HOPE-HYPE was the byline, and you could hear how AI was a help to the construction industry. Presumably, Gabriel Laszlo turned over the gavel to John Dugan, and Past President Frank Vacuik presented Gabriel with the Past Presidents Pin.



Key Dollar Value in this period

prime minister
Prime Minister
Brian Mulroney
dollar coin
1 dollar CDN
0.73 dollar U.S.
governor general
Governor General
Jeanne Sauvé



Key Events in this period

The wreck of the RMS Titanic is found off the coast of Newfoundland
The worst airplane accident in Canadian history occurs when Arrow Air Flight 1285 crashes on take-off from Gander International Airport. 256 people are killed.
An investigation determines that a bomb caused the crash of Air India flight 182.
The 1986 World Exposition (Expo 86) in Vancouver opens.
Montreal wins the Stanley Cup
May 16 Montreal 2 Calgary 5
May 18 Montreal 3 Calgary 2 OT
May 20 Calgary 3 Montreal 5
May 22 Calgary 0 Montreal 1
May 24 Montreal 4 Calgary 3