Richard Cameron - ProEng Consulting
2016-2017 Grassroots Government Activities Chair

Local and Provincial Energy Codes:



legacy from previous Chair Kashyap Desai:

It is my honour to serve as the Grassroots Government Activities Committee (GGAC) Chair for the 2016-2017 Chapter year. The GGAC is a new standing committee started this year. It shall be responsible for grassroots activities and issues that relate to local, state and provincial government bodies in areas of interest to ASHRAE members.

Until now ASHRAE has focused more with US Government activities. However the society realised that ASHRAE is truly an international organization and has decided to have a broad scope which is not U.S.-centric.

Many ASHRAE relevant policy issues are decided at different levels of government. Chapter members are more knowledgeable about issues at local level and in their communities. We can develop relationships with various levels of governments and other likeminded organizations to work with policy makers to further our cause in serving the society and general public.

We can serve in various capacities to work, collaborate, help and advocate at different levels of governments like adoptions of ASHRAE standards, guidelines and positions. We can update federal, provincial and local government with many technical issues and can even have Memorandums of understanding (MOU) for specific tasks.

We also plan to start and maintain a list of elected officials, who may have a role in the planning, adoption or enforcement of various codes, standards, guidelines or policies related to building sciences and engineering.

This is a key period for ASHRAE, as we delve more fully into engaging with state, provincial, and local officials. It is vital that we build a network of active engineer-advocates worldwide to impress upon decision-makers how their choices will impact society and HVAC&R professionals specifically in the days, months, and years to come.

We welcome members to be a part of this new and exciting program. We have a number of ideas but we are always welcoming new ideas as well. If you are interested in helping out please contact me. There are many ways that you can be of assistance with this, and I am looking forward to making this a team effort for all of us that benefit from the GGAC activities in Canada’s National Capital Area.