Peter Shaw-Wood - Applied Energy Systems
2016-2017 Student Activities Co-Chair

Adrianne Mitani - Smith + Andersen
2016-2017 Student Activities Co-Chair

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Annual ASHRAE Career Fair this year. We had over a hundred students come as well as fifteen booths and four event sponsors. We appreciate the support of all the companies who came out to the event.

Our thanks to Tamco, Total HVAC, EH price, Engineered Air and Airtron for sponsoring the event.

Students from Carleton, Ottawa University and Cegep de l’Outaouais were given the opportunity to tour the construction site for the Carleton Health Science building with Modern Niagara and Carleton staff. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to get a glimpse of an active construction site alongside the career fair. Thanks to Modern Niagara and Carleton for making it possible.

March 28th our president, Abbey Saunders and Peter Shaw-Wood presented to a packed room of students at UOttawa to talk about their backgrounds, and the importance of networking organizations; in particular ASHRAE. A big thanks to Marie-Eve, our UOttawa Vice Presidents for organizing!

On Thursday March 9th we visited the Elmwood School in the Rockcliff area, and talked about engineering and the HVAC industry to a 4th grade girl’s class. They were very interested in how temperature and air affected their everyday environment. We also did a short activity where we made zip line car that had to carry a ping pong ball down the line. We are currently adding more engineering outreach at the elementary and high school level, if you are interested in being involved please contact Adrianne.


Hi All,

Coming off the short but sweet break, 2017 is going to be a great year for the ASRHAE OVC students at all levels. We had a good showing from our students at the YEA Archery tag night which was awesome!

Moving ahead we’re all focused on the career fair taking place at Carleton University on March 2nd. The career fair will be preceded by a technical tour of the New Life Science building at Carleton University. The focus will be on jobsite safety so all PPE is required. Signup sheet to follow – we have a very limited number of spaces so sign up fast!

We are looking for Industry partners for the Annual ASHRAE Career Fair, coming up March 2nd from 3pm- 6pm. Students from Carleton, Algonquin, University of Ottawa, La Cite, and Cegep de l’Outaouais are encouraged to attend. Industry Partners interested in participating can sign up online on the ASHRAE OVC website.

The month of February will see our UOttawa chapter register, with the aid of very experianced Prof Jodoin and lead by the ambitious and talented Elizabeth Primeau. She has been a registered member of ASHRAE for 7+ years and follows in her father’s footsteps who was the OVC president some 17 year ago and maintains a very active role in ASHRAE.

The cat is very much in the cradle! We have several presentations lined up at Algonquin College for their MET students and look forward to expanding their exposure as well.

All the best!


Hi All,

Following up from the October communique, we’re ecstatic to report our design competition team from Carleton University & CEGEP. From Carleton University, we have Shahryar Shahryari Fard, Ryan Gaudreault, Godwin Scott Nannan, Armand Guy and Borna Shaeri with Adrianne Mitani stepping up as their mentor. Our CEGEP team will consist of Benoit Touchette, Fethi Sehili, Maxime Charbonnea, Marc Riel, Tom Fournier and their Student Chapter President Louis Laurier with the mentorship of the very capable Georges Maamari.

We all hope to see many of these ambitious students at the OVC meetings coming up; let’s help them out in the form of student meal sponsorships and reaching out and saying hi. We are an accepting but intimidating crowd at times and a simple introduction goes a long way for the students.

The plant tour has been put on hold for now since feedback from the students was that mid-terms and finals would take priority. In early January we’ll get working with the student chapter presidents to make sure this important exposure takes place.

Our March 2nd Career fair planning is well underway, the sign-up sheet for interested companies can be found on the front page of the OVC website at the link below.

Enjoy your friends, family and well deserved holidays!

All the best!


Hi All,

October was a great month, we had a good meeting at Carleton with the DL Dan Int-Hout who spoke to a cozy group of interested students. We also had a great reception at the 4th year HVAC elective course Carleton offers its Engineering students – a big thanks to Prof Siamak Kazemzadeh Hannani for supporting us and Jayson Bursall for organizing!

The pool night we had was also a great success, I know the students appreciated meeting some of the YEA members and getting a better feel for what this industry is all about.

From this exposure we now have 2 teams (one at Carleton, and one at CEGEP) highly interested in entering the design competition which is awesome! My hope is next month we will have the official announcement with the names of our keen and ambitious competitors. Keep your eyes peeled!

The November plant tour for Algonquin’s facilities has been broadcast to the students, in the coming days we’ll have the times and locations available on the ASHRAE website and Facebook groups for interested students to sign up. The tour is free with the requirement to attend a short presentation on the equipment to be viewed during the facility tour.

All the best!


Hi All,

September shaped up to be a productive month. After meeting with the local Carleton and Algonquin student chapter presidents, we have set up Facebook groups to facilitate event announcements and updates. Students interested should message myself, Jayson Bursill (Carleton) or Jason Juurlink (Algonquin) to gain access. We are still actively searching for candidates for UOttawa, CEGEP and Queen’s. Any interested students are highly encouraged to reach out.

The month of October is a busy one, starting with a presentation at Carleton University on October 18th at 2pm by DL Daniel Int-Hout. This presentation is open to any student interested and will be a hout! We’ll follow up with a YEA/Student pool night at the Orange Monkey on October 20th starting at 6pm. Event details and the sign-up sheet can be found at the link below.

For the month of November we have organized a plant tour at Algonquin College. Students will be invited to tour the new Co-Generation plant that will be in operation next year, along with some large chillers. Students will be required to attend a quick 30-minute presentation at their school to learn about what they will be seeing, plus sign-up for a Student Membership with ASHRAE. Details can be found on the ASHRAE Student Chapter Facebook groups. A limited number of spaces will be available and granted on a first come first serve basis.

All the best!

Hi All,

My name is Peter Shaw-Wood and I’m very happy to introduce myself as the student activaties co-chair for the Ottawa Valley Chapter (OVC). This role in the OVC is something I’m extremely excited about as I myself was once a student, whose academics and then professional career has been shaped by a former OVC student activities chair and the chapter thereafter. My first exposure to this organization and industry occurred in second year during a presentation from an ASHRAE distinguished lecturer. Having very little understanding of the industry beforehand, and after hearing the DL speak I investigated ASHRAE a bit further and decided to take on the student design competition as my final year project from a list of 15 or so other options. Although the decision was difficult to make, as there were a lot of unknowns, the main reason I was confident with my decision to proceed with the ASHRAE project was the encouragement from the OVC student activities chair who explained the depth of local industry involvement and support we would receive. The design competition developed extremely well, and the support we received from experienced and influential local professionals not only met, but exceeded in spades our expectations. The design competition results were a fantastic finish I’m proud of to this day, which provided the four (4) of us on the project team with some excellent opportunities, and employment the day after graduation.

After attending a very productive CRC workshop in Moncton where I heard about what other chapters are doing in regards to student activities and integrating students into their local chapters, I am now highly informed on what has been successful, and have the full support from our capable and experienced student activities RVC, Benjamin Oliver. I look forward to rallying the local student chapters through September with some speakers from the OVC and a visit from ASHRAE DL Dan Int-Hout to the Carleton branch in October. We intend for the Algonquin, UOttawa, Carleton, CEGEP and Queen’s Chapters to continue developing with the current branch heads; whom we have reached out to and will meet with to review ongoing plans, and reiterate our support in making their student branches as successful as possible. Part of the support will include showcasing available ASHRAE scholarships, Smart start program, career fair and integration to the chapter thought the membership chair and YEA. Currently we are investigating the feasibility of a couple plant tours and a site visit to a larger new construction project. The hope is to impress the students with the scale of the equipment in place and showcase to them an active jobsite with a focus on safety. The STEM in K-12 will be promoted with the local schools as we reach out to local principals to establish how we can best showcase our industry to the kids.

Looking forward to a great year!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

April 8th-9th was the Annual Ottawa Regional Science Fair held at Carleton University, the chapter donated three awards of $200 each to the three best projects that related to HVAC&R. Jacob Hough joined me for a great afternoon talking with students about their projects.

Do you have old ASHRAE Handbooks piling up in your office? The student Chapters are looking for handbook donations. Any ASHRAE or general HVAC handbooks, guidelines or old standards. Please contact me about the books you are willing to donate.

Earlier this month, March 3rd, was the annual ASHRAE OVC Career Fair held at the Fenn Lounge at the Residence Commons at Carleton University from 3:00 to 6:00pm.

There were students from Carleton, uOttawa and Algonquin. We had a great set of employers who had set up booths from sales reps to consultants to contractors. it was a great representation of our industry.

Thanks to everyone for the support of this great event, through sponsorship or setting up a booth, it is a great way to give back to the local student


The January meeting was a great kick off for the new semester for the students from Algonquin, Carleton and uOttawa at the monthly meeting, with a great technical session about a sales career in industry given by Steve Moons.

The 2015 ASHRAE Career Fair is Tuesday March 3rd, and will be hosted at Carleton University this year. It is always a great opportunity to network with current and graduating students from Carleton, uOttawa and Algonquin. Deadline for booths and sponsorships will be February 27th. See the full page flyer for employers in this Communique, come out and support the students and the chapter! Check the website or email for more information.

Other information for Students:
Check out the Carleton ASHRAE Student Chapter website,

The ASHRAE Scholarship program is now excepting applications for undergraduate engineering scholarships at $3,000 to $10,000 each, Engineering Technology Scholarships deadlines are May 1st, 2015. Please visit the link below for more information:

If you are a student member who just graduated this summer, you can save lots of money by transferring your student membership with the Smart Start Program save $410 (US) over three years!

Smart Start Program:


The school year is into full swing, and our student chapters are off to a great start with the Algonquin chapter getting off the ground, and the Carlton chapter has set up their events with a talk about industry scheduled this month, with a follow up Career Panel next month. The career panel will have representatives from the range of different opportunities in industry including sales, consulting, and contracting to give students ideas of what the industry has to offer.

The YEA event on October 30th went really well and we had a great turn out from Carleton that came out and played some pool with us!

Other information for Students: Check out the Carleton ASHRAE Student Chapter website,

The ASHRAE Scholarship program is now excepting applications for undergraduate engineering scholarships at $3,000 to $10,000 each, deadlines December 10th, 2014. Engineering Technology Scholarships deadlines are May 1st 2015. Please visit the link below for more information:

If you are a student member who just graduated this summer, you can save lots of money by transferring your student membership with the Smart Start Program save $410 (US) over three years!

Universities can also apply for the Undergraduate Student Grant and receive funding for new projects involving an ASHRAE topic. Applies to engineering, architecture, or engineering technology department!


The 2014 Career fair was a success last month with booths set up by Engineered Air, Jp2g, Nortec, Total HVAC and Longhill Energy. The event was additionaly sponsored by both E.H. Price and Engineered Air. The Carlton Student Chapter also was in attendance to raise awareness about membership. As expected we had a great turn out of Algonquin students who were in the majority, however we also got a number of Carleton and Ottawa University students as well. Many students showed up near the beginning of the two hour period leading to lines at a number of the booths.

The first weekend of April we also have the annual Ottawa Regional Science fair held at Carleton university this year, where ASHRAE will be sponsoring a number of special awards for students in different age groups. A small group of students will help judge the entries.

We are starting a science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) outreach to an elementary school in the region this month. This will include introducing a class to engineering basics and providing a science demonstration for the students. Please contact myself or Richard Cameron if you are interested in helping in Engineering and Science outreach to Elementary or highschool students. We are looking for more volunteers to be able to introduce engineering and science to more of our community schools.

If you have any questions, or would like to help in any of this year’s activities please don’t hesitate to contact us.


September is here and we welcome a new design team from Algonquin College to the 2014 design competition. Heather Turcotte, Fahad Burham Kurd, Byron Paulson& Adrian McGrath will be taking on this year’s design challenge and we look forward to helping them get started on this year’s design along with Chris Frauley who has again generously donated time to advise the group.

Coming out of the CRC Region II in Toronto, we are excited to get the year started with plans to continue our successful Student nights, and look forward to seeing many students at the new monthly meeting location at Algonquin College. We also look forward to working with the Algonquin and Carleton student chapters to meet their goals. We have some new plans to begin promoting Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) in K-12 locally with the Ottawa School Board.

To learn more about ASHRAE’s Role in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Coalition:

Later in the New Year, we plan on hosting another career fair after last year’s success.

If you have any questions, or would like to help in any of this year’s activities please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more student related information from ASHRAE please check out:

ASHRAE Student Zone: Scholarships and Grants to Careers and Internships:

ASHRAE Scholarship Program: ge/1271

Smart Start Program (20-50-50): Student members can pay student prices after graduating!



Background from 20121019 Manual for Chapter Operations:

The Student Activities Committee is appointed by the president-elect in conformance with chapter bylaws and should be composed of a chair and at least three chapter members. It is recommended that the chair accept a term of at least two years so as to maintain continuity of the chapter educational activities. The chair of the committee is expected to attend the Student Activities Committee Workshop at the CRC. A minimum of three (3) hours should be allotted for all committee training workshops at CRCs (08-01-21-04). For those regions where the CRC is in the Spring, it is suggested that the Student Activities Chair for the next chapter year also attend the Student Activities Workshop and CRC. The committee should be responsible for performing the following functions as directed by the chapter:

  1. Act as liaison between the chapter and area educational institutions.
  2. Develop and coordinate awards, scholarships and other student incentives. (12-01-23-17)
  3. Encourage the formation and continuing operation of student engineering organizations such as ASHRAE Student Branches and recruit new students.
  4. Provide information on present and future industry manpower needs at both faculty and student levels, by means of counseling, programs, group discussion, etc.
  5. Promote credit courses in the fields of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating at universities, colleges, technical institutes and junior colleges.
  6. Provide speakers to college and high school groups. Provide individual counseling to promote HVAC&R fields of interest to college students.
  7. Plan use of visual aid presentations for junior and senior high schools and trade school groups. Materials are available through your Regional Vice-Chair for Student Activities.
  8. Cooperate with and seek advice from the Regional Vice-Chair for Student Activities (for chapters assigned to a region).
  9. Provide to the Regional Vice-Chair (where applicable), in a timely fashion and according to the rules, completed statistical report forms for the Presidential Award of Excellence. Chapters that are not assigned to a region should submit their PAOE forms directly to Society Headquarters.
  10. Chapter student branch presidents may be ex-officio members of chapter Student Activities Committee. (09-10-25-6B)