Joe Della Valle - Walmar
2016-2017 Young Engineers in ASHRAE Chair

Hi YEA Ottawa Valley!

The summer months are quickly approaching and I would like to have one more event to cap off another great year.

At the end of this week I will be sending out an invitation for the final YEA event. It will be held the on afternoon of Friday May 26th.

Thank you again for your continued support!



I would like to thank the group who attended the Axe Throwing event Friday March 24, it was a huge success and good time was had by all.

Graham Falt from TOTAL HVAC came in first place followed closely by James Pady from Longhill Energy in second place.

These social events are great way to meet other members and I plan to have another for end of April, early May.

More details to follow.

Thank you for your continued support.



I am excited to announce that we have finalized an event for Friday, March 24th. We will be testing out our lumber jack skills at BATL Ottawa, axe throwing!

An email invitation will be sent out shortly, this will include all the event details. Be sure to register early as spots will be limited.

Thank you for the support and I look for forward to seeing you at the next event.

Thank you for your support!


I would like to thank the members who participated in Archery Tag. It was a huge success and will be an event again in the future.

Based on member feedback the next event will be axe throwing, the date and time are still to be decided but somewhere near the end of February. I will be sending out an email in a few weeks with more event details.

Thank you for your support!


Hi OVC Members,
I am very excited to announce our next YEA event will be taking place Friday, January 20th!

I have made a reservation for us to play Archery Tag. The cost will be $20 per person, I will be sending out an invitation to all members through the chapter website with more event information.

If you would like to attend be quick to sign up as there will only be 24 spots available.

Have a great holiday and see you in the new year!

Hi YEA Ottawa!

Thank you to those who attended this year’s first event, it was nice to see a good mix of ASHRAE members and students.

Collaborating with Student activities went very well and it happen again in the future.

I plan to have the next event in late November, early December. When the exact date has been determined I will send out an update.


Hi YEA Ottawa!

Our first social event of the year will be held Thursday, October 20th at Orange Monkey pool hall, 6-10pm. There will be a $5 entrance fee which will cover appetizers and pool tables. All are welcome, there is a link to register for the event on the chapter website.

Thank you for your support.


At the end of August I attended the Chapter Regional Conference where I completed a seminar with other YEA chairs from Region 2.

Between the group we had a recap of last year and discussed what we need to accomplish for this year’s events. It was a very positive experience and provided me with valuable feedback from other chapters on what made them successful.

This year I plan to incorporate Student Activates and Membership Promotion into YEA events.

I will sending out information for the first YEA event shortly, it will be scheduled for middle of October.


Hi YEA Ottawa!

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far.

In August, I will be attending the CRC to meet with Region 2, YEA chapter chairs. We will be discussing the past year and how to improve events for next year.

I plan to have our first YEA event during September, I will send out an email when details are confirmed.

Thank you for your support.



Summer is almost here and what better way to start than on a patio!

The fourth and final YEA event will be held 2pm - 5pm on Friday, May 20th. I plan to have a reservation at Jack Astor's Hunt Club - 310 West Hunt Club Rd.

I will be sending out an email with a invitation link. If you plan to come, please confirm your attendance through the website as soon as possible to ensure proper seating.


The event started on Friday afternoon and went until Sunday at lunch. We were a group of 30+ from different areas of mechanical trade from various parts of North America.

Throughout the weekend there were many large and small group discussions, activities and a scavenger hunt, all of which really helped the group get to know each other.

Before the seminar we were required to establish a profile. The questions evaluated our personality traits and our adjusted job behavioral traits. The presenter spent most of lecture on Friday breaking down the different personality types and discussing how our adjusted traits can either positively or negatively impact our overall success. Saturday and Sunday the main focus was personal branding, assessing personal strengths and weaknesses, and finding ways to optimize strengths within a group.

This program helped me to recognize that if you continually build on your “brand” (stronger personality traits), rather than focussing on weaknesses, it will go a long way in creating success. Focus on the “why” – Your vision. The goal is not to do business with people who buy what you provide, it is to buy why you do it.

I have become much more aware of what leadership qualities I can provide to a team and the qualities that I must look for in colleagues/ business partners to make the overall group successful. ASHRAE provided a great event and I strongly recommend to other OVC members. My greatest thanks for the support of our Chapter in sponsoring my participation. Just another reason why involvement in the Ottawa Valley Chapter is fantastic!




Background from 20121019 Manual for Chapter Operations:

For chapters that are able, it is recommended YEA be considered a subcommittee of Membership Promotion. The president-elect, Membership Promotion Chair and Student Activities Chair would work together to nominate an eligible chair in conformance with the chapter’s bylaws and needs. The subcommittee should be composed of the chair and any needed volunteers. It is recommended the chair accept a term of at least two years to maintain continuity of the chapter YEA activities. A YEA member is classified as an ASHRAE member (Associate, Member or Affiliate) age 35 or younger. The committee should be responsible for performing the following functions as directed by the chapter:

  1. Attract qualified new YEA members who will take an active part in the activities of the Society, both locally and at Society level.
  2. Broaden the type of membership to include all grades of eligible members from all segments of industry which are concerned or connected with heating, refrigerating, air conditioning and ventilating.
  3. Coordinate a mentoring program for new YEA members with seasoned chapter members.
  4. Organize activities focused at attracting and retaining YEA members.
  5. Work with the Student Activities Committee to encourage student transfers.