Celine Baribeau - BPA
2017-2018 Membership Promotion Chair

I would like to introduce and welcome the following new members:

Andrew Young
Pearl Namutosi
Ashkan Taheripour
Matthew Turcotte
Michael Callaghan
Mohammed Khai
Tomas Regli

At any time, if you have any questions or comments regarding your ASHRAE membership, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you all for the continued support and participation in your local ASHRAE chapter. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next ASHRAE meeting.

September marks the start of school and the start of a new ASHRAE season for us! I recently attended the CRC in Montreal as well as the Centralized Training in Long Beach for some very valuable Membership Promotion workshops. Any time, if you have questions or comments regarding your membership or how to join the Society and our Chapter please do not hesitate to ask me.

I would like to introduce and welcome the following new members that joined ASHRAE in the Ottawa Valley Chapter region during the summer months:

Ghaith Khalaf
Justin Berquist
Zhongjun Huang
Stephen Boyce
Katie Brennan
Derek Boroczki
Kevin Barager
Cliyo Joshy
Bertrand Jodoin
Tejas Sawant
Craig Ogden
Ward Smith
Jean-Yves Cote
Amir Refaat
Alexandre Lecuyer
Zakaria Fettaka

Thank you all for the continued support and participation in your local ASHRAE chapter. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the first ASHRAE event of the 2017-2018 season in September



Background from 20121019 Manual for Chapter Operations:

The Membership Promotion Committee is appointed by the president-elect in conformance with chapter bylaws and should be composed of a chair, co-chair and at least 3% of the chapter's area-assigned members. It is recommended that the co-chair accept a term of at least two years so as to maintain continuity of the chapter membership promotion activities. (First year as co-chair; second year as chair). The duties of this committee are as follows:

  1. Attract qualified new members who will take an active part in the activities of the Society, both locally and at Society level.
  2. Broaden the type of membership to include all grades of eligible members from all segments of industry which are concerned or connected with heating, refrigerating, air conditioning and ventilating.
  3. Encourage advancement to higher grade of membership when candidates’ qualifications meet the specified requirements.
  4. In conjunction with the secretary, ascertain that all prospective chapter members are bona fide members of the Society.
  5. Reduce the number of member resignations.
  6. Advise the President and the Reception Committee when new members are elected or when members advance in membership grade, to ensure proper recognition at the chapter meetings and in the chapter publications.
  7. Organize and execute membership drives.
  8. Receive from Attendance and/or Reception Committee a record of the names of people attending the chapter meetings.
  9. For chapters assigned to a region, cooperate with and seek advice from Membership Promotion Regional Vice Chair.
  10. Obtain and maintain an adequate supply of membership application forms and see that there is a supply at chapter meetings.
  11. Review each member’s status to select and recommend to Society, members for honors and awards. (See Appendix N, N1-N4)
  12. Encourage upgrade of student members.
  13. For chapters assigned to a region, the incoming chair of this committee is expected to attend the Membership Promotion Workshop at the CRC. A minimum of three (3) hours should be allotted for all committee training workshops at CRCs (08-01-21-04).

Recommended Procedures for Achieving Society Goals for Growth:

  1. Incoming president and chair solicit a minimum of 3% of the area-assigned members to serve a one-year term on the committee.
  2. Typically, the chair spearheads efforts related to recruiting new members and obtaining grade advancements while the co-chair spearheads efforts to reduce delinquencies.
  3. Names of potential new members can usually be generated by reviewing the company names in the chapter roster for new or existing employees who are not members. A list of new or existing companies in affiliated industries can be generated through other members, running a cancellation report and by targeting firms that currently have no members. This work should be accomplished at a July or August Board of Governors meeting. (01-31-11-14)
  • Assignments should then be made to committee members so that no one is required to recruit more than four (4) new members, contact no more than seven (7) delinquent members and obtain one (1) advancement.
  • Emphasis should be placed on recruiting the new members from July through November. Delinquency contacts and advancements can be accomplished from January through April 15.