Peter Shaw-Wood - Applied Energy Systems
2017-2018 Student Activities Chair

September, being the start of the school year brought a pile of activities from our chapter and student members! One of our local chapter members Matt Edmonds, took the time to speak with a JK class about the wonders of science and technology – who doesn’t enjoy the old Mentos in diet coke trick? Awesome!

We also had our UOttawa Student president, Elizabeth Primeau organize a kickoff meet & greet for the students – great to see everyone out!

Over at Carleton U – Adrianne Mitani met with Carleton Chapter President Max St Jacques to talk to Carleton students about ASHRAE.

Algonquin College saw their new Student Chapter president rise up and take the reign of the new position. This Gentleman, Michael Callaghan, will be the face of the OVC to his colleagues over at the college and I couldn’t imagine a better person for the job.

For the month of October, we’ll be making a good presence at Queen’s U in the form of an Info-Session on Oct 12th – details will be posted on the OVC website. For October 14th, during homecoming ASHRAE will have one of our own (Steve Moons) present on their alumni panel representing us and the HVAC industry. Thanks Samantha Eby and Hannah Cameron for organizing!

All the best!

Hi All,

Hope the rainy summer of 2017 was restful and pleasant! We had some unfortunate rainfall events that resulted in Pete’s Wicked ASHRAE Bike Rides being limited; which was unfortunate, but the ones that did dodge the downfall were a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone that was able to make it out!

For 2017/2018 we are going to continue our pattern of the year before, lots of tours and mixers ahead! Our ASHRAE Student Design competition team from Algonquin College has already gotten together and ready to take on the challenge. Michael Callaghan, Christopher Hardy, Devin Stoop and Gurbhindersi Sandhu are sure to rise up and show what they are capable of. Be sure to say hi and offer support to this ambitious team!

Looking forward to another great year!


Background from 20121019 Manual for Chapter Operations:

The Student Activities Committee is appointed by the president-elect in conformance with chapter bylaws and should be composed of a chair and at least three chapter members. It is recommended that the chair accept a term of at least two years so as to maintain continuity of the chapter educational activities. The chair of the committee is expected to attend the Student Activities Committee Workshop at the CRC. A minimum of three (3) hours should be allotted for all committee training workshops at CRCs (08-01-21-04). For those regions where the CRC is in the Spring, it is suggested that the Student Activities Chair for the next chapter year also attend the Student Activities Workshop and CRC. The committee should be responsible for performing the following functions as directed by the chapter:

  1. Act as liaison between the chapter and area educational institutions.
  2. Develop and coordinate awards, scholarships and other student incentives. (12-01-23-17)
  3. Encourage the formation and continuing operation of student engineering organizations such as ASHRAE Student Branches and recruit new students.
  4. Provide information on present and future industry manpower needs at both faculty and student levels, by means of counseling, programs, group discussion, etc.
  5. Promote credit courses in the fields of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating at universities, colleges, technical institutes and junior colleges.
  6. Provide speakers to college and high school groups. Provide individual counseling to promote HVAC&R fields of interest to college students.
  7. Plan use of visual aid presentations for junior and senior high schools and trade school groups. Materials are available through your Regional Vice-Chair for Student Activities.
  8. Cooperate with and seek advice from the Regional Vice-Chair for Student Activities (for chapters assigned to a region).
  9. Provide to the Regional Vice-Chair (where applicable), in a timely fashion and according to the rules, completed statistical report forms for the Presidential Award of Excellence. Chapters that are not assigned to a region should submit their PAOE forms directly to Society Headquarters.
  10. Chapter student branch presidents may be ex-officio members of chapter Student Activities Committee. (09-10-25-6B)