Joe Della Valle - Walmar
2017-2018 Young Engineers in ASHRAE Chair


I am very excited to announce the date for this year’s first YEA event! I have booked Archery Tag on November 3rd at 7:00pm.

An email has been sent to all members with registration link and event details, 20 people max so if interested sign up asap.

If you have any questions let me know.

Thank you for your support!


Our first social event of the year will be Archery Tag near the end of October. I will be sending out an invitation to all members through the chapter website with more event information once the details are confirmed.

Thanks for your continued support!


I hope everyone is having a great summer so far.

This year I hope to continue building on YEA participation, starting with going from 4 to 5 events throughout the year.

I received very good feedback from the axe throwing and archery tag, these two events will be included again this year.

The first event will take place around the same time of the first monthly meeting, more details to come. Thanks for your continued support! 



Background from 20121019 Manual for Chapter Operations:

For chapters that are able, it is recommended YEA be considered a subcommittee of Membership Promotion. The president-elect, Membership Promotion Chair and Student Activities Chair would work together to nominate an eligible chair in conformance with the chapter’s bylaws and needs. The subcommittee should be composed of the chair and any needed volunteers. It is recommended the chair accept a term of at least two years to maintain continuity of the chapter YEA activities. A YEA member is classified as an ASHRAE member (Associate, Member or Affiliate) age 35 or younger. The committee should be responsible for performing the following functions as directed by the chapter:

  1. Attract qualified new YEA members who will take an active part in the activities of the Society, both locally and at Society level.
  2. Broaden the type of membership to include all grades of eligible members from all segments of industry which are concerned or connected with heating, refrigerating, air conditioning and ventilating.
  3. Coordinate a mentoring program for new YEA members with seasoned chapter members.
  4. Organize activities focused at attracting and retaining YEA members.
  5. Work with the Student Activities Committee to encourage student transfers.