Ryan Dickinson - VRM
2017-2018 Historical Committee Chair


Hi Everyone, I just recently attended our Chapter’s Regional Conference (CRC – Region II) in Toronto representing the Ottawa Valley Chapter as Chapter Historian where I had an opportunity to meet all the volunteers, including other chapter historians and reviewed our objectives for the
upcoming year. Pictures of Toronto’s CRC are available online via our website. I have been a member of the Ottawa Valley Chapter for over
10 years and have been a volunteer most of this time as a member. This is my second year as chapter historian and I look forward to capturing our chapter’s history throughout the years. If you have any historical items relating to our Chapter’s ASHRAE history that you would like to share or donate, please contact me at the email address above.


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Background from 20121019 Manual for Chapter Operations:

The Chapter Historian and/or Historical Committee is appointed by the president-elect in conformance with the chapter bylaws and shall be a member who is interested in collecting historical data. Duties of the Chapter Historian shall include the following:

  1. Request long-time members to write their versions of the industry history and its progress. These could be in the Historian's file and shown at CRC.
  2. Take pictures of chapter functions and, if possible, of old air conditioning and refrigeration installations in the chapter area, for inclusion in records and for programs.
  3. Check with the chapter secretary for the availability of chapter items of a historical nature.
  4. If the chapter is in a metropolitan area, try to get a member to furnish library space for artifacts and historical materials for chapter use.
  5. Attend each CRC and report its progress to the Regional Historian for comparison with other chapters. (For chapters assigned to a region.)
  6. Prepare chapter history starting with the chapter historical questionnaire furnished by Headquarters.
  7. Update historical records yearly.
  8. Provide the chapter newsletter editorsomething about chapter history and progress to include in the newsletter when appropriate.
  9. Prepare a display for a chapter meeting at least once a year.