Spotlight on James "Jimmy" Moore
and the
Jim Moore Memorial Trophy

The Jimmy Moore Memorial trophy is awarded annually at the ASHRAE OVC Golf Tournament, to a guest. It includes payment of the first year’s membership in the Society in the hope that it will lead to continued membership and participation in ASHRAE.

It is proudly sponsored by Goodkey, Weedmark & Associates in memory of a former Ottawa Valley Chapter member, James (Jim) Moore who in his own way contributed to the camaraderie that brought many members to join the Society.

Jim was a manufacturer's agent for Carnes & Vapour Heating, enjoyed a great rapport with both the consulting engineers and contractors, and was an Ottawa Valley Chapter member through the 60's up to his premature death in 1972.

He was a generous supporter of all the social aspects of ASHRAE at both the Society and Chapter levels and it was at the New York winter meeting with Gord Goodkey and Noel Kirby that he was given the nickname of "Senator". The name suited him well as he was a jolly giant of a man catching your attention whether it was he or you entering a crowd. Whenever you heard laughter and carousing, you knew that Jim was near by and that drinks were being enjoyed.

His favourite refreshment was gin with various additives depending upon the time of day, but the most remembered is his Windex using green Crème de Menthe as mix! This is the drink of choice when making this trophy presentation.

Jim and George Carscallen were very good friends and shared many good times together.

This trophy came into being at an ASHRAE golf tournament at the Carleton Golf & Yacht Club a couple of years after his death when on the 18th hole George proceeded to hit a number of balls out of bounds. In digging to the bottom of his bag for another ball, George discovered a bottle of Plymouth gin, Jim's trademark!

His three golf partners, Gord Goodkey, Ted Digel and Jack Bowie unanimously agreed that they should immediately verify its authenticity which they so did, and then agreed that it should be sealed in memory of Jim.

Jim Gregory took the bottle and so mounted it as the trophy that is regularly awarded today. This is the history of the Jim Moore Memorial Trophy.

Trophy recipients to date:

2017   2016 Dan Bradley
2015 Andrew MacPherson 2014 Jeff Baird
2013 Alain Marion 2012 Ryan Thomas
2011 Shane Bonner 2010 Paul Townsend
2009 Randy Lee 2008 Wayne Wilson
2007 Peter Baird 2006 Andrew Klassen
2005 Phil Lemieux 2004 Danny Dillon
2003 Heintje Andreason 2002 Jeff Jarvis
2001 Gord Fitzpatrick 2000 Mike Derouin
1999 Darren Trenholm 1998 Dan Besner
1997 Reg Bruce 1996 Herb Ballantyne
1995 Neil Robertson 1994 Marc Brousseau
1993 Pierre Scott 1992 Robert Lojk
1991 Vince Minichilli 1990 Maurice Henri
1989 Carol Whalen 1988 Mark Williams
1987 David Baird 1986 Bill Buell
1985 Mike Spiers 1984 Bob Dube
1983 Pat Bouchard 1982 Henry Daly
1981 Ken Hazell 1980 Dick Chiarelli
1979 Mark Clemann 1978 John Robertson


This article is taken from a brief history of Jim Moore written by George Carscallen, circa September 2007.