Spotlight on Stewart Woermke
Passed away 2011.10.03

Stewart Woermke passed away suddenly on October 3, 2011 at the age of 61 years. Stewart succumbed to complications brought on by a lifetime challenge with diabetes. Stewart leaves behind his loving mother Chiquita who has been cared for by Stewart for many years while residing in their Carp, Ontario home. Stewart was an only child and was predeceased by his father, Orville Woermke. Affectionately called "Stewartie" by his Mom, he was raised and educated in Buckingham, Quebec and will be sadly missed by his family members from the Arnprior area and his childhood and family friends who grew to know and love Stewart for his generous and kind nature. Stewart gave unconditional support to his parents and friends while constantly facing the ravages of severe diabetes which he dealt with since he was 10 years old. Stewart dealt with the constant dieting and daily needles as a child and never complained.

Stewart spent grades one through eleven at Buckingham High School graduating with honours in 1967. He attended Lakehead and Queens Universities graduating with an engineering degree in 1974. His working life consisted of a career with the federal government and during his later years he was the primary care giver for his parents. The Woermkes lived together as a family in Buckingham, Thurso, and Carp; the Ottawa Valley was home. As a youth Stewart excelled in school and spent 10 years in Boy Scouts (Scouts Canada) achieving the honourable status of Queen Scout in 1966. Stewart had a penchant for woodworking and under the tutelage of Ray Perry at BHS he blossomed as fine wood craftsman and collector of modern power tools. Stewart maintained an active workshop at his home in Carp and enjoyed his trips to Home Depot and Canadian Tire. Stewart was a social leader all of his life and during the fifties and sixties Stewart's home on David Street in Buckingham became the neighbourhood hangout for his friends who enjoyed hours of play backed by impromptu meals and drinks supplied by his loving Mom Chiquita. Stewart was affectionately known as the leader of the 'Straus Gang' which has stayed together in friendship for over 50 years. Stewart will be sadly missed by all who came to know and love him.

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From Cathy Godin:
Lan Chi, Don and myself attended Stewart's memorial this past Saturday. There was a lot more to Stewart than we all saw once per month, and it was very interesting and heartening to hear from his childhood friends with whom he was still close and also his PWGSC colleagues. His high school jacket and scout uniform were proudly displayed at the memorial.

Stewart's friend Art told me that Stewart's mom was hospitalized at the same time he was; she is 98 and in poor health and has been admitted at the QCH. The service was strictly a memorial. Stewart's funeral will be postponed and when his mother passes, there will be a service for both of them. Very sad indeed.