ASHRAE Theme Tutorials

  1. Directly to WordPress:

    Username: sandy_0fisgtpo
    Password: 4&44ZHeK7%#oft7c

  2. Through Easy On Net:

    Username: ashraeott
    Password: Bqao881?2

    Websites & Domains > WordPress > Login

1. Open up the EasyOnNet portal:

Username: ashraeott
Password: Bqao881?2

2. Head to Websites & Domains

3. Find and hit Preview

Navigate to Pages > Drafts. The groups of pages that need content are:

*Tip: Don’t forget to hit the pink Publish button once you are done with a page! 

  1. Spotlights (9) – images and hyperlinks

  2. Volunteer History (26) – images and names

  3. Year Specific pages (73) – presidents, images

    **For any of the month tabs that have no content, they can be deleted on the left hand side (click X)**

  4. Year Summary pages (42) – images, text and key events

  5. Awards In This Year pages (34) – recipients image and names

Other hyperlinks that need adding:

  • Relevant issue of the Capital Communiqué at the bottom of the Spotlight pages [eg: This article was first published in the February 2009 issue of the Capital Communiqué.]

Volunteers Spreadsheet – List by Letter:

Volunteers Spreadsheet – URLs by First Name

Volunteers Spreadsheet – URLs by Last Name: 

*TIP*: When adding a link to anything, you don’t have to include the root domain ( in this case). You can simply put everything after, for example: /volunteer-bob-smith)

Long Form WordPress Tutorials: 

Theme Support (Get Support button, top right):

Small headshots (eg: Committees page): 130 x 160 px

Old B&W Headshots (eg: Past Presidents page): 100 x 130px

Large headshots (eg: Student Activities): 305 x 375px


Creating a New Page:

Important: If you ever duplicate a page, make sure to edit the permalink with these steps: 

  1. Clone page:

  2. Go to edit page settings:

  3. Edit the permalink (it will add a -2 to the original pages name and link).

  4. Create new name and link:

Adding New Photo Album:

When adding a new year’s album cover on this page, you can use this template in Canva.

Creating Album Cover

Creating Page for New Year:


FYI: When editing the photo album pages in the Elementor, sometimes the album titles in the preview window are wrong (probably an issue with the app itself). If you look/ edit in the window on the left though, that and the live website will show accurately. 



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